Encore! Encore!

What are they saying about Lou?

"Lou has a special gift of communication through his speaking where he reaches and motivates my students through being honest, trusting, and sincere.  I appreciate Lou taking the time from his busy schedule to speak to my students by sharing the successes and challenges he has faced and conquered in his career.  It is important for students and others to hear his message about being successful personally and professionally."

- Bruce Bloom, Adjunct Professor
DeVry University, Chicago Campus

Excerpts taken from a guest speaker evaluation at DeVry's "Principles of Management Class"

"Clear, outspoken, interesting!" 

"Excellent communicator."

"Enthusiastic, persuasive."

"This was the best speaker we've had this term!  Thank you professor."

"All of our class speakers should be as interesting and motivating as Lou Costabile.  He made us part of his presentation; we were involved from beginning to end."

"Lou is a great motivator and influential speaker.  Find others like him!"

"Lou kept me smiling the whole time."

"Highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and spiritual."

"This was one of the greatest presentations I've seen.  It kept me very interested and I learned a lot."

"On behalf of Alpha Beta Gamma, I'd like to thank you again for taking the time out of your personal schedule to visit with us. You were so encouraging and a blessing. I pray we will be honored with your presence again soon."

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