About Lou

Lou Costabile, co-founder of Transforming Communications Group, is a motivational speaker and seminar leader who has impacted the lives of many, both personally and professionally.  Lou's extensive experience in business, recruiting, and consulting brings excellent insights to his workshops.

Lou's customized keynote message on Career Development reflects his years of experience working with such Fortune 500 companies as:  Arthur Andersen, Baxter Healthcare Corp., BP/Amoco Corp., Citicorp, CNA, EDS, Harris Bank, IBM, Northern Trust Bank, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Xerox; and he demonstrates an understanding of the challenges that we face in today's workplace and economy.

Establishing his career in the motivation industry in 1997, Lou has been the "wrap-up" guest speaker at DeVry Institute - Chicago and Addison locations - for their Career Development (CARD) class.  The two-hour speech prepares DeVry Seniors for what to expect in the work force after they graduate.

Lou has been a Business Development Manager since 1995 and is responsible for selling technical projects with a consultative approach.  Lou has created and supported a Chicagoland sales database of over 900 decision makers and professionals.  A graduate of Sandler Sales Training Institute and Dale Carnegie Sales Training, Lou combines his sales technique with his Communications and Business education to prepare his audience to successfully market themselves.

Lou is also the president and a sixth-degree black belt instructor of True Power Martial Arts; educating students in the art of self-defense.

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